Frequently Asked Question


To help secure your account we recommend always enabling Google 2-factor authentication (2FA).

For further information on Google 2FA, including how to download the app, please visit:

‘Phishing’ is the act of sending fraudulent emails pretending to be from a real company. The aim of these emails is to have users follow links to false websites, or to supply information, such as passwords and credit cards.
Always check the sender of the email and check for inconsistencies and if you think it does not look real, delete it; never supply any security information if asked.

For example if an email received was from ‘’ then this would be incorrect as the real email would end in ‘’.

Whenever in doubt, delete.

reCAPTCHA is a service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. By making users click the reCAPTCHA, it helps to distinguish humans from bots, as humans can easily solve it, however bots cannot.

CazShop always recommends securing your account with the following actions:

  • Enable Google 2FA to secure your account;
  • Never share your password;
  • Never share your account; and
  • Always check that the website shows ‘’. Always type the address in (never follow a link someone sends you).

There are scammers everywhere on the internet, and cryptocurrency is no exception. Always ensure you follow official links to websites, or even better, type it in yourself.
If someone offers you a ‘deal’ or ‘special offer’, do not follow their link or direction; and notify CazShop support of the attempted scam.

CazShop staff will NEVER ask for your password or Google 2FA code.

Remember, your account is for you only. Never share it.

Orders / Fees

Click the product of your choice, add to your basket and go to checkout when you finished shopping.

Note: Ensure you have enough currency within your CazShop wallet to complete the transaction.

For any help on orders, click the Livechat option and ask one of our support staff for assistance. They will be happy to help. Alternatively, email us at

No , there is no minimum order size.

CazShop charges fees of  5% on any Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Paypal transaction completed between Buyer and Merchant. This fee is taken from the amount sent from the Buyer to the Merchant.

Transactions from Buyer to Merchant using CazCoin incur NO fee (0%), meaning the full amount the Buyer sends will go directly to the Merchant.

There are no fees placed on Buyers' purchases.

CazShop take charges Transaction fees of 1.9% on any Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum completed between Buyer and Merchant. This fee is not refundable.


You can either:

  • Click the 'Help' button below the login input fields;
  • Contact support via email at '' ; or
  • Contact one of our Livechat support staff from the Livechat facility on CazShop.

Please contact our support staff immediately on Livechat or support email and we will assist you.


Yes absolutely! Please email us at with your recommendation and we will be happy to consider it.

Apart from any products listed within the CazCoin official merchandise store, products listed on CazShop depends mainly on the merchant's ability to make them available. For any products not listed, a special service called CazPay is available within CazShop which will allow you to order anything online and pay for it using cryptocurrency.


Using CazCoin on CazShop opens up many discounts and special offers.

CazCoin can be purchased on 3 different exchanges as follows:





In 2019, CazEx exchange will be launched. CazEX is a CazCoin project and will compliment Buyers and Merchants on CazShop.

For more information on how the symbiotic relationship between CazShop and CazEx, please follow the below link:


Developers Information/Listing Information

CazShop will consider listing other coins/tokens as a form of payment on CazShop and CazPay.

To apply to have your coin/token listed on CazPay or CazShop please send an email to ''

Listing fees vary depending on the currency and whether the coin/token is to beaccepted solely for CazPay or whether the coin is listed
fully for complete use across all CazShop transactions and features.

To enquire about listing your coin/token please email us at ''

We reserve the right to list coins/tokens at our discretion and our decision is final. If the need arises to suspend a coin/token or delist for any reason (although we would only do so for the good of our buyers/merchants) this is at our discretion.


Message the merchant and let them know of your experience. Include an image if applicable or any other information that will help the merchant in processing the issue which may allow them to sort out the issue as soon as possible for all parties concerned. The merchant may indeed accept the return as per their policy or send you a new product, whichever is most suitable. Each merchant has their own specific return policy, please check before each purchase.

Message the merchant and arrange the return within the terms of their Return Policy.

Contact us on and we will assist.